Potential Impact

Primary impact of the DeLight project is technical and scientific, as the success of the DeLight project will be the development of the first directly modulated uncooled DFB/DBR laser operating in the 1310 nm range, suitable for the 100 Gbit/s solution. In this way the future HSSG standard can be supported and the European research institutes can get the leading edge in the development of the cost reduced laser diodes.

The application of the devised technology will also bring a strong social and economic impact, when the key components for future high speed data transmission systems will be realized, influencing the basic technology implemented in the internet access to server farms and internet providers. If the consortium succeed, the data access speed could be significantly increased, which may allow new applications in the future, impossible for the moment due to the limited bandwidth or too expensive to implement. Additionally, due to the combination of the strong increase in the modulation bandwidth with a low cost fabrication technology, the involved companies can gain a huge technological advantage over competing enterprises. Moreover, if the standardization process could be also influenced based on the developed technology, Europe could gain the leadership in the ultra-fast data transmission, which may attract companies from outside of Europe to invest in European countries.