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Prof. Gadi Eisenstein
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The Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) is the leading technological university in Israel and has long been known to be responsible for educating most of the engineers comprising the flourishing Israeli industry.

Technion research and development activities have had a major impact on Israeli science and technology as well as on the establishment of many international industrial research centers and local companies.

The Electrical Engineering Dept. is the largest and most prestigious department at Technion. It ranks as one of the highest level Electrical Engineering departments, the world over and in some areas is considered second to none. The department has several research centers including the microelectronics and nano electronics centers (with an combined clean room area of 850 m2 and with many advanced epitaxy and processing facilities), the optoelectronics center (headed by Professor Eisenstein), the center for communication and information technologies and the center for computer engineering and technologies. Additional relevant Technion wide facilities include two major centers for electron microscopy, the center for surface analysis and the solid state institute which is a major facility for spectroscopic studies.