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Dr. Petteri Uusimaa
Short organisation description
Modulight Inc. is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified semiconductor manufacturing company focusing on the design and manufacturing of laser diodes. Modulight designs, manufactures and markets laser diodes for telecom, datacom, CATV, industrial, medical, automotive, space and defense applications. Modulight’s own production facilities and headquarters (3000sqm) are located in Tampere, Finland and the company runs a sales office in the US, in the San Francisco Bay area. Currently, Modulight has 17 employees. Transmitter lasers constitute one of Modulight’s product lines. At present, Modulight’s transmitter lasers line spans from 1310 nm to 1625nm with both, FP and DFB lasers having up to 10Gb/s transmission capability. Modulight supplies transmitter lasers to a broad scope of industrial partners, for applications ranging from telecom to security. The following figure shows the spectral and power coverage of Modulight’s product lines. Modulight is actively complementing its laser diode manufacturing capabilities with a sustained application development effort. The products are offered as bare and mounted dies and complete modules.

Taking into account the product line of the company and the targets of the DeLight project, Modulight is in an excellent position to contribute to this European-scale telecom and datacom product development program and to directly exploit the project results commercially.

Modulight has a full manufacturing line for transmitter lasers, including epitaxial wafer production, device processing, device verification and validation up to 10 Gbit/s. It also possesses a complete reliability testing capability for mounted devices with ACC (Automated current control) burn-in and APC (Automated power control) life-testing functionalities. Having extensive expertise and producing its own range of transmiter laser products for short and intermediate reach applications in both the 1310 nm and 1550 nm optical windows, Modulight is able to provide a direct assessment and comparison of the results of this project with the state-of-the-art products in the market. The laser designs developed in the project can be run though Modulight’s production line and be directly compared to existing product counterparts, with respect to required application specifications. Modulight also possesses expertise in new mounting techniques, like flip-chip bonding that can be utilized in developing high-performance low-cost packaging approaches.

Modulight also has qualified supplier network for testing various packaging and module building approaches to minimize the final production cost and enable quick market utilization.