Contact Person
Dr. Klaus Schulz
Short organisation description
Merge was founded in year 2000 in Berlin, Germany, by Dag Neumeuer, who used to be the head of Infineon Fiber Optics Division. Today, Merge employs a staff of about 40 people emerging from various well known companies and R&D institutes with international reputations like Infineon, Heinrich-Hertz- Institute Berlin (HHI), Multilink, etc. The business strategy of Merge is to provide low cost and high performance transceivers and transponders for 10 Gbit/s applications and above. The special feature of Merge's products is their very low power consumption, which leads to low heat dissipation and thus the possibility for dense stacking in 19 inch racks with low demands on cooling equipment. Despite the restriction on high bitrates, there is still a variety of products associated with different demands, such as distance, type of fiber, form factor, bitrate on the electrical side, type of optical connector.

Originally, Merge started as a fab-less design house, which means that Merge cooperates with a small number of partners, which cover all of the basic technologies that are needed to fabricate the products from prototypes to volume production. However, Merge has set up a high quality characterization line to quickly measure the performance of laser diodes, photodiodes, sub-assemblies or total modules. A service contract with HHI ensures that even highly sophisticated measurements can be done at small volume. Moreover during the last years Merge has also established its own a production line for the various optical modules of its portfolio and developed also capabilities to mount chips on submounts and align and fix fibers in front of active devices. In cooperation with HHI, Merge also fabricates its own 10 Gbit/s photodiodes that are suitable for flip chip mounting, monitor diodes and submounts. As a result, Merge holds most of the key technologies needed for the production of transceiver modules. As an SME company with a flat hierarchy and short decision cycles Merge is an agile organization that can instantly react and address new markets in the field of the targeted business.