Contact Person
Dr. Docent M. Dumitrescu
Optoelectronics Research Centre, Tampere University of Technology is also coordinating the DeLight project. For further inquiries please contact the project manager Dr. Docent M. Dumitrescu
Short organisation description
The Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) is a subsidiary unit, operating under the Council of the Tampere University of Technology (TTY). ORC has 60 employees, including students and support personnel (Dec. 2006) and its research and development grants and contracts amounted to 4.5 M€ in 2006. ORC's investment in scientific equipment amounts to 17 M€, which makes ORC one of the best equipped university-based research units in Finland and the largest university-based MBE-oriented research centre in Europe - with 6 commercial MBE reactors and complete optoelectronic device processing and characterization clean-room facilities.

ORC has gained world-wide reputation in developing GaAs- and InP-based epitaxial wafers for semiconductor laser diodes, most of which are now fabricated by Finnish industry. Ultra-short-pulse fiber lasers and optical modulators have also been demonstrated at ORC in cooperation with academic and industrial partners. ORC has recently invested in the emerging nanophotonics field, by acquiring Nano-Imprint Lithography (NIL) equipment and by supporting substantial efforts to develop NIL. With its five industrial spin-offs, ORC is renowned for playing a seminal role in funding and supporting the development of Finnish optoelectronics industry, now representing one of the fastest growing industrial sectors in the country. In 2005, ORC founded the Laser Competence Centre Finland, intended to further accelerate the transfer of knowledge from academia to industry.

ORC is currently running 21 national and international research projects and collaborates actively with over 50 universities, institutes and companies world-wide. ORC coordinates major national research programs – among which are TULE-QUEST of the Academy of Finland, and FINNANO NANOPHOTONICS, ELMO LASE and PULSAR of the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation TEKES - and is a member of the working group nominated by the Finnish Ministry of Education for preparing a nation-wide research program on nanotechnology. Internationally, ORC is coordinating three EU FP6 STREP projects (FAST ACCESS, URANUS and NATAL) and is a member of two other EU FP6 projects. It also belongs to the European Photonics Network and COST 288 Networks and has acted as an EU Marie Curie Doctoral Training Site (2000-2004). ORC was involved in the research and fabrication of compound semiconductor double-junction solar cells within ESA’s GSTP 1 and 2 programmes during 1993-2000. The results of ORC's research efforts have been included in numerous publications - 423 since 2000 and 75 in 2006. ORC also has its own patent portfolio, with 5 patents currently pending. A research team with major contributions from three experienced Senior Researchers (Dr. Docent M. Dumitrescu, Dr. T. Niemi and Dr. A. Tukiainen), three PhD students (J. Viheriala, A. Laakso, M. Suominen) and several MSc students (e.g. K. Haring, J. Tommila) will be supervised by Prof. Markus Pessa, ORC's Director. The effort planned for the DeLight (detailed in the section on project effort) amounts to 70.5 person*months to be covered from the project budget and 40.5 person*months to be provided without support from the project budget (on a statutory basis).