Contact Person
Prof. Ivo Montrosset
Short organisation description
The research on semiconductor lasers and guided wave optics at the Dipartimento di Elettronica of the Politecnico di Torino started more than twenty years ago. This activity has been carried out in the framework of Italian national projects, supported by the National Research Council (CNR) and the Ministry for the University and Scientific Research, but also under Italian and international industrial research contracts and with the EC support (Science, Human Capital & Mobility, ACTS, RTM and IST programmes). Of specific interest to this project are the design and simulation activities on Semiconductor Lasers (DBR and DFB) and guided wave optic devices. In particular in the last years the group has been involved in a Italian national project on the design of QDot laser for EDFA pump and in the IST project BigBand on QDash lasers and now is active in the Nano Ultra Bright Sources (STREP in FPVI) on QDot laser and SLD. The group has been responsible for the QDash and QDot material, waveguide and device simulation work package. The experience gained in these projects can be fully utilized for the design of the QDot material and lasers necessary in this proposal. Furthermore the group has been always active in the simulation of laser dynamics. The results of these activities have been published in the most important journals in the field of quantum electronics and optical communication.

The leader of PT group, Prof. Montrosset was involved in the last 20 years in design and modeling of waveguide optical devices and lasers. In particular in the last seven years he has devoted his main research activity to active devices (Lasers, SLD, SOA) realized in low dimensional semiconductor materials